List of Candidates

List of Offices that will appear on the 2018 Countywide Primary Election ballot:
(Note: the filing period for most candidates will begin on January 10, 2018.  Watch for more information here, on our facebook page, and in the Elkhart Truth and Goshen News, in December.)

United States Senator
U.S. Representative District 2
Indiana State Senate, District 11
Indiana State Representative, District 21
Indiana State Representative, District 22
Indiana State Representative, District 48
Indiana State Representative, District 49
Indiana State Representative, District 82
Judge of the Superior Court No. 2
Judge of the Superior Court No. 6
Prosecuting Attorney
Clerk of the Circuit Court
County Auditor
County Recorder
County Sheriff
County Assessor
County Commissioner, District 1
County Council, District 1
County Council, District 2
County Council, District 3
County Council, District 4
Concord Township Assessor
Baugo Township Trustee
Benton Township Trustee
Cleveland Township Trustee
Clinton Township Trustee
Concord Township Trustee
Elkhart Township Trustee
Harrison Township Trustee
Jackson Township Trustee
Jefferson Township Trustee
Locke Township Trustee
Middlebury Township Trustee
Olive Township Trustee
Osolo Township Trustee
Union Township Trustee
Washington Township Trustee
York Township Trustee
Baugo Township Board (3 seats)
Benton Township Board (3 seats)
Cleveland Township Board (3 seats)
Clinton Township Board (3 seats)
Concord Township Board (3 seats)
Elkhart Township Board (3 seats)
Harrison Township Board (3 seats)
Jackson Township Board (3 seats)
Jefferson Township Board (3 seats)
Locke Township Board (3 seats)
Middlebury Township Board (3 seats)
Olive Township Board (3 seats)
Osolo Township Board (3 seats)
Union Township Board (3 seats)
Washington Township Board (3 seats)
York Township Board (3 seats)
Bristol Town Council, At-Large (2 seats)
Wakarusa Town Council, At-Large (2 seats)
Democratic Precint Committeemen (all precincts)
Republican State Convention Delegates*
(Note: the Elkhart County Republican Chairman must define delegate districts, and file this information with the County Clerk by noon, January 2, 2018.)
Democratic State Convention Delegates*
(Note: the Elkhart County Democratic Chairman must define delegate districts, and file this information with the County Clerk by noon, January 2, 2018.)

The following offices are not nominated at the primary election.  They are nominated at convention, before placement on the general election ballot.
Secretary of State
Auditor of State
Treasurer of State
Middlebury Town Council, At-Large (2 seats)

NOTE:  School board offices are now elected at the general election.  The filing period for school board candidates is July 25, 2018 through noon, August 24, 2018.  The following school board offices will be on the 2018 general election ballot, on November 6, 2018:
Baugo Community School Board - District I, II and III
Concord Community School Board - Districts 1 and 2
Elkhart Community School Board - District B, and At-Large (2 seats)
Fairfield Community School Board - District II, and At-Large
Goshen Community School Board - District 1, District 3, and At-Large (2 seats)
Middlebury Community School Board - Districts A, C and D
Wa-Nee Community School Board - Harrison, Locke and Union Townships







Important Information

2018 Elections 

2018 is a Countywide Election Year, and the Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. 

Local candidates wishing to file for offices on the Primary Election ballot can do so at the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk between January 10, 2018 and noon on February 9, 2018.  The full list of offices to be on the ballot can be found under candidate info.


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