2018 Indiana Candidate Guide 

For United States Senator
See pages 28-34 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide.
For United States Representative (Congress)
See pages 34-38 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide.
For Statewide Offices - Governor, Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction
These offices will be up for election in 2020.
For State Legislative Offices - Indiana State Senator, Indiana State Representative
See pages 45-52 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide:
For Judicial Offices and Prosecutor
See pages 53-64 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide.
For County Offices - Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Auditor, County Recorder, County Sheriff, County Assessor,  County Commissioner, and County Council Member
See pages 65-77 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide.
For Township Offices - Township Assessor (Concord Township only), Township Trustee, Township Board Member
See pages 79- 83 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide.
School Board Members
The procedures for selecting school board members are set forth in the "school corporation organization plan" adopted by the school corporation.  Recent change in legislation has moved the election of school board members to the general election in even numbered years (instead of the primary election in even numbered years.)  Some members are elected at-large for the entire school corporation, while others are elected to represent specific districts in the school corporation territory.  School board offices are bi-partisan.  Candidates for school board must be registered to vote in the election district the person seeks to represent not later than the deadline for filing the declaration or petition of candidacy or certificate of nomination.  (Filing period begins July 25, 2018 and ends at noon, August 24, 2018.)
See pages 93- 96 in the 2018 Indiana Candidate Guide for more details.
Precinct Committeeman and State Convention Delegates
Although there is no state law requiring that a candidate for precinct committeeman or state convention delegate reside within the precinct or delegate district, state political party rules may restrict the ability of a political official who does not comply with a residency requirement to participate in party functions.  Contact the Democratic State Committee or Republican State Committee for more information. 

FOR ALL BUT FEDERAL OFFICES, PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN AND STATE CONVENTION DELEGATE CANDIDATES, a person is disqualified from being a candidate for an elected office if the person:
1) gave or offered a bribe, threat or reward to procure the person's election; 2) does not comply with I.C. 5-8-3 because of a conviction for a violation of the federal laws listed in that statute; 3) in a A) jury trial, a jury public announces a verdict against the person for a felony; B) bench trial, the court public announces a verdict against the person for a felony; or C) guilty plea hearing, the person pleads guilty or nolo contedere to a felony; 4) the person has been removed from the office the candidate seeks; 5) the person is a member of the United States armed forces on active duty and prohibited by the United States Department of Defense from being a candidate; or 6) the person is subject to "the Little Hatch Act" or "the Hatch Act."





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2019 Elections 

Candidate filing is now open for the 2019 municipal primary.

The candidate list will update as declarations are filled by the Democratic and Republican candidates.  For more details, contact the Election Board at 535-6469. 


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