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Due to a change in legislation, versions of the Voter Registration forms VRG-7 and VRG-11 prior to September of 2013 are no longer accepted.  Please use the most recent version of the Indiana VRG-11 form, provided in the links below.  Or you can use the Federal Voter Registration form, which can be found online, at the following URL:

VRG-7 (2018 version, English)

VRG-7 (2018 version, Spanish)

Note there are also many changes regarding the process of conducting voter registration drives.  The Elkhart County Election Board has prepared a Voter Registration Drive Guide to provide important information regarding these changes.  Anyone who will be conducting a voter registration drive should read the guide, provided below:

Voter Registration Drive Guide

The three most important things to take away from the Voter Registration Drive Guide are:
1.  Make sure you are distributing the most recent version of the VRG-7, or VRG-11 forms;
2.  Make sure you complete the "receipt" portion of the form and give it to the applicant, and complete the "certified statement of acceptance" portion in the lower right-hand corner.  Both portions must be completed with YOUR contact information;
3.  If the candidate keeps the completed appplication, the candidate is responsible for returning the completed application to the appropriate county voter registration office NO LATER THAN NOON, 10 DAYS AFTER RECEIPT, OR BY THE REGISTRATION, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.  A candidate who fails to comply with this requirement is subject to penalties under federal and state law. 

If you do not wish to be responsible for the submission of completed voter registration applications, you can inform an applicant that they can register online at, if they have a current and valid Indiana Driver's License or current and valid Indiana State I.D. card.  All other registration requirements (citizenship, age, etc.) also apply. 


Important Information

2019 Elections 

Candidate filing is now open for the 2019 municipal primary.

The candidate list will update as declarations are filled by the Democratic and Republican candidates.  For more details, contact the Election Board at 535-6469. 


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