Military/Overseas Voters

Who is a military voter?  

  • A member of the armed services or a merchant marine absent from residence due to active service within the U.S. or "overseas" (includes Canada);
  • Indiana National Guard member deployed outside of Indiana; or
  • A spouse or dependent of these service members.
    I.C. 3-5-2-1.5

Who is an overseas voter?

  • An absent uniform services voter who is outside of the U.S. on Election Day;
  • A family member of service member who is outside of the U.S. on Election Day (spouse or dependent);
  • A civilian living outside of the U.S., either temporarily or indefinitely, but otherwise eligible to vote in Indiana.
    I.C. 3-5-2-34.5

Registration Deadlines for military and overseas voters:

Monday, October 31, 2016 is the deadline for a county to receive a voter registration application from a military or overseas voter who wishes to vote in the Presidential Election on November 8, 2016.

Registration Deadline for RECENTLY DISCHARGED/TRANSFERRED military voter:

Certain recently discharged or transferred military voters can register (and vote absentee in the clerk's office) through noon on Election Day (November 8, 2016.)  
See form ABS-13 for details.  Not every military voter qualifies.
I.C. 3-7-36-14

Registration and absentee ballot applications for military and overseas voters:

  • FPCA Standard Form 76 is a combined registration and absentee ballot application;
  • ABS15 is the special state absentee ballot application for military and overseas voters. 

Both forms and instructions are available at the Federal Voting Assistance Program website:  . 

Absentee voting information and deadlines for military and overseas voters

  • Military or overseas voters wishing to vote by mail, must apply by 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, October 31, 2016.
  • If voting by mail, the ballot must be postmarked on or before election day (November 8, 2016), and must be received by the election board by noon, November 18, 2016.  
  • Military or overseas voters requesting to vote by e-mail or fax may apply up to noon (EST) on Monday, November 7, 2016, for the Presidential Election.
  • If voting by e-mail or fax, the ballot must be returned BY E-MAIL OR FAX by noon (EST), on election day, November 8, 2016.  
  • Military or overseas voters casting their ballot by e-mail or fax must sign an affidavit stating that they understand that their ballot cannot be a secret ballot.  The election board has a bi-partisan team that must remake the ballot onto an official ballot to be tabulated. 

Important Information

2017 and 2018 Elections Updates

There are no scheduled elections in 2017.  If a special election should be required, we will post more information as it becomes available.

2018 is a Countywide election year.  Check back in the fall of 2017 for more detailed information.


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